904 Vacuum Pumps
904 Vacuum Pumps
3000 - 16000  CFM

The NASH 904 , which replaced the popular NASH CL pump in the 1980’s, can still be found at Gardner Denver Nash. Capacities of the 904 pumps range upward from 
about 3,000 CFM at vacuum. These durable pumps can handle excess liquid carryover without any
 difficulty, even if it arrives as massive slugs. 904 pumps are found in many industries including 
Paper, Chemical, and Mining. 

All 904 models are still available from Gardner Denver Nash, the original designer and manufacturer.

Whether you have an existing 904 pump running in your plant that is in need of service, repair, or 
replacement with a new or remanufactured duplicate 904/905 pump, Gardner Denver Nash is there for all of the above.